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talk sports

I think it is very important for the NBA is the news.

When I saw the news, people will think that this is the NBA important news, especially for basketball fans.On January 24th, 2012, Obama delivered his third State of the Union address. TV announcers analyzed the prospective address as Obama emerged from a tunnel to meet applause from hysterical fans, and I couldn’t help but think the ways in which the event, and the issues put forth, mirrored aspects of the NBA. With the speech as inspiration, I decided to take a shot at how Obama might address the nation with a fictional State of the Union on the NBA and USA Basketball.

It is below is the U.S. President barack Obama's speech:

Good evening, players, owners, administrators, and, most importantly, devoted fans. Tonight, I am here to address you all on behalf of the NBA and USA Basketball–explaining where we stood, where we stand now, and how, from there, we will jump forward in the future of world-leading basketball.

Tonight’s speech will cover several important topics, and all of them were on full display on the special night that was Friday, January 6th. That night, I saw the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the home-team Minnesota Timberwolves, a basketball game that many Americans, and the world, for that matter, would find insignificant. The buzz surrounding that game centered on two rookie point guards: Kyrie Irving and Ricky Rubio. And while those rookies will make a great season-long duel in this year’s race to Rookie of the Year, they also exemplified the two qualities that make the NBA the greatest league in the world: Freedom and Equality.