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Walking in the Pittsburgh


Lovers like to stroll and admire Pittsburgh’s glorious skyline. (Photo: Courtesy of VisitPittsburgh)


For America's a beautiful city

Forget the smoke and disappeared already a long time of steel plant, and focus in Pittsburgh, beautiful and elegant, and MoNong lattice forming the Ohio river in the beautiful point state park. The best romance, check to the priory hotel before a benedictine monastery on the north side of town, only 42 and comfortable room a fireplace and a on-call lobby, space shuttle to downtown. Guests can walk to a nearby Max of the Allegheny tavern, classical and slope glass mirror and manual sculpture bar, enjoy the German features: "and sauerbraten get great honor. Visit nearby Pittsburgh Andy warhol museum, see such pop art classic as his portrait Campbell soup, Marilyn Monroe and his self-portrait. Catch a pirate game in the summer. Put a cliff embrace ride the duquesne trend. Maybe the top of for popular place too incredible views and put forward the city below. Drive to a nearby moon town, eat dinner, a castle in the forest around Hyeholde, lush garden. Select the cook table options, if you want to have dinner in the kitchen.