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NBA: Royce White coming back

Here is the news about Royce White. He is coming back, I hope he can just ajust himself into the flight.


The team is to return to this weekend, and white will rejoin the rocket baseball jerseys 

The rockets no white absence comment except to say they were "committed to Royce's long-term success", and will support him now and the jerseys sale

In a quiet park chat, overlooking a pond near his home in Houston suburb, white told the Associated Press he did not intend to lack of any game this year. He will fly when he had to.

But he also buy a bus, can not make any promise what would he reaction if team was forced to take off in the stormy weather or if a flight hits disturbing unrest.

"If a game and can't fix it, and then I'll fly. We will see," he said. "I mean, if we want to play and a thunderstorm in a city, I would like to do more worry that sit on the plane with you? Maybe. Maybe I miss a game. Finally, it is more important to understand, it is also important basketball is, there's nothing to other people's health.

White said his teammates provide support text message.