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talk sports

The New York Giants gave the San Francisco 49ers another reason to simmer.


Let's see a game, those two team had an excellent perform. Just enjoy the news.

Antrel rolle intercept two after alex Smith, the prince Amukamara took another, shut off the San Francisco giants in a minimum 49 ers beat on Sunday in a war NFC championship last season.

In the paint of bills and fighter, total 79-3 in the past two weeks, 49 ers (4-2) met their game again and eli manning and New York's top team. No overtime need this time, not too many manning either.

Manning threw 193 yards and a touchdown, ahmed bradshaw ran 116 code and a score and New York (4-2) ride leading defense and four fields, Lawrence Tynes hand outspoken 49 ers coach Jim Harbaugh the most unbalanced the loss of his term.

What a San Francisco treatment.

The giant grinding out a final overtime victory over the continuous candlestick park on January 22,, the use of two grope by filling the returner kyle Williams to another super bowl champion patriot. The whole week some San Francisco players talk about "unfinished business," and Harbaugh added to the hype when he responded with a strongly worded statement criticized giant offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride says all professional the defensive end Justin Smith often "get away with murder" holding linesman.